A Paperless School Newspaper

Note this is one of the posts I will be bringing over from my previous blog.  This was originally posted on April 20, 2012.

Before deciding that teaching was what I wanted to do, I was considering going into the “newspaper business.”  Throughout my schooling and still today I love to write.  For this reason one of the things I wanted to start when I began teaching was a student newspaper.  Many high schools have school newspapers, but not many elementary schools have a school newspaper.

My first few years teaching, my students and I were able to create a student newspaper.  Since writing, collecting, and editing stories takes a great deal of time (especially when lessons and teaching, rightfully, takes up most of the time in school) for the first few years we normally “published” three or four issues of the newspaper.  These issues turned out very good, but the time of distribution and consistency of distribution varied greatly from year to year and issue to issue.

When my district upgraded our website design they also made it easier for staff to create and update their class websites.  This gave our librarian and I the idea of making our school newspaper digital.  Now instead of having to wait to collect an issues worth of stories we would be able to post stories to the website as they were completed. 

Overall this method has increased the excitement for our school newspaper.  Since changing the newspaper to an online format students in all grades have submitted stories and artwork.  Students can write stories at any time and then use the forms that have been set up to submit their stories to the student editors and myself via email. 

By going “paperless” our school newspaper, The Valleyview Buzz, has grown significantly when compared to our paper versions of the past.


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