iPods Have Arrived!

Note this is one of the posts I will be bringing over from my previous blog.  This was originally posted on March 25, 2012.

After about a months worth of planning and organizing my students finally got to use the iPod Touches this past week.  We started off simple and used them for some social studies projects that involve research.  Each student is creating a “bust” of a famous person from their state or country.  Not only do they need to create the bust using a hanger as a skeleton, but they also must write 2 paragraphs about the person as the person.

My Example Historical “Bust” of Ernie Davis

Now this is obviously something that could have been accomplished using the computer lab.  However, with the use of iPods I was able to have some kids working on the art part of the project while at the same time others did research and writing/typing.  This was literally the first day using the iPod Touches in the classroom and it went very well.

I will plan on using the iPods for much more, but I felt this was a good first step and a way to ease my students into their usage.  Once again I am amazed at how excited my students are to use technology to learn.  Even the educational apps (or “games” as they call them) are a hit!


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