NYSCATE Blended Learning Summit

Today I had the chance to attend a blended learning conference that was out on by NYSCATE. In addition to several “breakout” sessions Dr. Alex Couros spoke about the ways technologies have changed the general outlook and the way our generation of students learn. One of the ways he demonstrated this was by showing a “news” report by “The Onion.” This report showed just how outdated Blockbuster was before it’s demise. (On a side note, have you noticed how many people on Facebook and Twitter still don’t know that “The Onion” is satirical and not real?!) This also reminded me of a conversation I had with my ninth graders about calling “long distance.” Not a single student knew what calling “long distance” was. The whole “long distance” conversation made me feel old, but at least I know “The Onion” isn’t an accurate news source!


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