Technology Survey Results

Another cool feature of BrainHoney is the ability to link to survey sites.  To do this you must have an account using one of the numerous free survey sites.  I decided to use the site Polldaddy.  Polldaddy (which can be linked to a WordPress account) has different levels of membership, but for my needs the free account did everything I needed it to do for my first survey.

The second assignment I asked my students to complete through BrainHoney was answering a simple two question survey about technology.  I wanted to gather anonymous information about what technologies my students have access to outside of school.  This information was collected for two main reasons.  First, I wanted to see how many of my students did not have access to technology outside of school in case they needed to work on something outside of school.  Secondly, the results will help me determine which technologies my students need the most instruction to use effectively.

When linking to Polldaddy (or whichever survey website you choose) through BrainHoney a “Survey” button and a “Mark Activity as Completed” button show up on the screen.  When students click the survey button a new tab with the survey appears in Chrome.  After students complete the survey they can “X” out the new tab and click the “Mark Activity as Completed” button.  Since the survey is anonymous, technically, students could simply skip the survey and click the completed button.  However, since I know how many students I have I would have been able to tell if too many students took this route.  One small problem we ran into was if a student did not mark the survey as complete then they could not go on to the next activity.

The results of the survey were not overly surprising, but it was good to confirm my suspicions. Of my students 68 have access to the Internet at home.  That means 93% of my students have some access to the Internet at home.  The second question of my survey was to determine what types of technology my students have experience using.  While neither of these questions are necessary for me to continue teaching my classes using BrainHoney, it does allow me to focus my instruction on the technologies my students have less experience using.

Internet Access Result

Types of Devices

Next week we are going to discuss Internet safety and cyber citizenship, before really starting to dig into our English curriculum.  I will gladly sacrifice a day or two of English teaching time, because I believe Internet safety and cyber citizenship are that important!


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