Learning As We Go: A Few Tips

As my students and I continue to navigate through our curriculum using technology we are continually learning.  Every day we learn new ways to save time and help make our process move smoother.  Many times we are learning through trial and error.

One of the main reasons many educators shy away from using technology is because they are worried it won’t work.  For whatever reason (maybe a little bit of insanity) I have been willing to take the “risk” of using technology, accepting that there will be moments and sometimes whole class periods that are a complete mess.  My students and I try to learn from the days that are a mess and take what we have learned so things go better the next day.

Here are a few, and in many cases most obvious, tips to aid in successful ChromeBook and BrainHoney integration:

  • Have students write their usernames on a label that can be stuck to their notebook or assignment planner.
    • This has been especially helpful since my students each have three usernames (Google, BrainHoney and their eTextbook).
  • Make posters/signs to display the URLs of frequently visited websites.
    • I also had my students add these websites to their bookmark bar, however some students have experienced their bookmarks and bookmark bar disappear.
  • Make a list of the most common keyboard shortcuts.
    • A card/sticker to go with each ChromeBook would be helpful along with a poster sized version to hang on the wall.

Like I stated, some of these things should have been obvious and I would definitely recommend doing these before the school year begins.  It is important that as we continue using technology, we also continue to adjust and learn new methods.


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