The Evolution Continues

It’s been too long since my last post, but I’ve been busy, both at home and at work. We welcomed a new member to our family on October 23rd and I started in a new position as the Interim Director of Special Education in my district through mid-April. It was a difficult decision to make, especially since we are having such success in my classroom using the ChromeBooks and Brain Honey.
Both my superintendent and I agreed that we will need to find a long-term sub for me who is going to continue the use of technology. Fortunately, we have wonderful in-district support that can help support my substitute and I am still in the building to help if necessary.
As a stated in my last post, using technology in the classroom, regardless of the type of technology is an always evolving process. Some things work wonderfully the first time and other things end up being scrapped after just a few minutes.
Out of everything that we have done this year the process of “handing in” work is the process that has evolved the most. We have finally found a method that works for almost all types of assignments and is convenient for both my students and myself. For some reason the fact that BrainHoney is compatible with Google slipped my mind. Some of the assignments this knowledge would not have changed anything, but for others it would have been helpful if I had remembered this!
Now for almost all of the assignments, I set up a “Dropbox” that allows my students to submit their Google Doc through Brain Honey. They also need to make sure the doc has been shared with me or put into their shared folder, otherwise I get a prompt that tells me I must ask for permission from the owner. This also turns the assignment score into a small “paper” icon letting both me and the student know that the assignment has been turned in.
My next post I plan to share how we used Google, BrainHoney and Story Bird to go through the writing process and create scary stories.


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